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  • Engineered to produce an intimate fit with free motion and dorsiflexion assist Tamarack Flexure Joints
  • Eliminates the need to fabricate a new brace when articulation is desired after originally fabricating a solid brace
  • Works well with thermoplastic, co-poly, carbon fiber and metal & leather systems
  • Available in standard and adjustable assist models
  • Available exclusively to licensed Orthotic-Prosthetic healthcare providers

Product Description

A uniquely designed external mounting option for Tamarack Flexure Joints®, Tamarack Flexure Joint Caps are designed for retrofit conversion from a solid to articulating custom AFO.


Each kit contains four (4) Tamarack Flexure Joint Caps, installation hardware, drilling guide, and ShearBan® cosmetic cavity covers. Joints sold separately.

Available for large, medium, and pediatric Tamarack Flexure Joint sizes. Choose from natural or black color options.

Available in standard and adjustable assist models. The adjustable assist model features an additional attachment setting, providing up to 20% more dorsiflexion assist (per side) than the standard model; extending the functionality and lifespan of the joints whenever increased dorsiflexion is desired.

How to Purchase

Tamarack Flexure Joint products are available exclusively from licensed orthotic-prosthetic healthcare providers. They are not available for purchase by individual customers. Please contact orthotic-prosthetic service provider for assistance.

Healthcare providers, please contact your preferred O&P supplier for purchase information.

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Download our new Tamarack Flexure Joint Product Line Poster

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Download the 2017 Tamarack Flexure Joint Fabrication guide

Tamarack Flexure Joint Caps Installation Instructions

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Tamarack Flexure Joint Order Reference Guide

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