March 2010 - Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc.

A wearer of an ankle foot orthosis (AFO) may experience skin redness, blisters, or rubbing. These three forums for people with spina bifida (myelomeningocele), multiple sclerosis (MS), and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) give many examples of various skin integrity problems associated with wearing an AFO. In addition to modifications of the orthosis, a clinician may […]

There has been a lot of debate over the recent spike in barefoot running across the world. It’s undoubtedly an interesting subject. Just take a look at the running, podiatry and pedorthic footwear blogs, Facebook and Twitter posts. They’re littered with respectful discussion, heated arguments and somewhat scientific claims. Regardless of which belief system you […]

Several material and technical expert industry leaders discussed thermoplastics used for O&P applications in the March 1020 O&P Business News ( . While there is some need for O&P specific formulations (such as thinner and stronger) the economics of development makes it very difficult to attract suppliers because the O&P industry is so small. […]

India was named the world’s “diabetic capital” at the International Diabetes Federation Conference in Copenhagen in November 2006. I learned this from a very informative piece by Ajit Kumar Varma MD and Stephanie C Wu DPM MsC, called Diabetic Foot Care: The State of Play in India. Here are some of the observations and facts […]

Shear offloading is an all-too-often undervalued component of skin injury prevention & treatment. Traditional diabetic foot ulcer & blister treatment calls on pressure management techniques – material ablation or viscoelastic remolding and padding, to resolve skin trauma. What frequently get’s left behind is the shear component of skin tissue trauma. In 1998, Tamarack Habilitation Technologies […]

Here’s a new review of our ENGO Blister Patch product that I’d like to share with you. Sophie Easterbrook writes a blog called The Longest Dog Walk in Britain (JOGLE). The blog details her June 2009 backpacking trip that led Sophie and her dog over 1200 miles in about 3 moths. Very impressive! ENGO Patches […]

We posted earlier about Haglund’s deformity. Since then, we have been getting steady traffic from people looking for ways to treat “pump bumps” or “bauer bumps” without surgery. We have two products that reduce pain and inflammation associated with rubbing from footwear: ENGO® (our consumer product) or ShearBan® (our professional product). ShearBan and ENGO are […]

Recently we introduced the new ShearBan® Product Guide – a step-by-step installation technique and resource booklet developed to improve the users’ experience with ShearBan®. The Guide is available in print format upon request and will soon be downloadable online at The most frequent un-asked question regarding ShearBan technology would have to be “When should […]

This is the first in a series of posts on Inside Tamarack that highlight content from our new Tamarack Flexure Joint™ Product Guide. If you’re using Tamarack™ joints in your fabrication of custom lower & upper limb orthoses, we highly recommend downloading the Product Guide from our website. View/download the Tamarack Flexure Joint Product Guide […]

Last summer Tamarack Habilitation Technologies introduced its latest addition to the “friction management” category – GlideFree™ Transfer Board Strips. While consulting with rehabilitation professionals and wheelchair users on another product line, we learned that wheelchair users who use transfer boards sometimes have a hard time sliding across the board; especially when doing bare skin and […]