June 2010 - Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc.

One of the most annoying things about running shoe companies is that they change shoe models seemingly without reason. If you find a good shoe that fits you well, it is often nearly impossible to find the same model a year later. Here’s a short article about this from Jenny L. Sanders, DPM. This is […]

If you’re a pet owner or veterinarian looking for more information about canine stifle bracing and other animal orthopedic bracing solutions, we’d like to share a new resource with you! Visit www.AnimalOandP.com to learn more about animal orthotic, prosthetic and rehabilitation devices or to locate a facility that can consult with you about fabricating a […]

World-class runner, Amy Palmiero-Winters has joined the U.S. Track and Field Team. What makes her story so inspiring is that Amy is a below-the-knee amputee. Amy trains for her races by running 120 miles per week – a challenging feat for any human, let alone an amputee. Recently Amy completed the grueling Run to the […]

We met with a customer today and talked about ShearBan®. He makes lots of spinal orthoses. He said one of his patients recently experienced skin redness from the metal rivets on the spinal orthosis. When the patient came back in, the orthotist covered the rivets with ShearBan Rivet Cover Patches. The redness disappeared. ShearBan is […]

Got a pesky ingrown toenail that you can’t seem to keep away? You’re not alone! Ingrown toenails are relatively common, and are caused by poorly fitting shoes and improper nail hygiene. Proper trimming involves cutting or filing nails straight across the top of the toe – not rounding the corners. According to Dr. Phyllis Ragley, […]

We’d like to share a testimonial from a customer who purchased our new Blister Relief Kit and ENGO® Back-of-Heel Patches earlier this year. “So far I am pleased with ENGO Blister Patches. I am using 1 pair in hiking boots that were causing blisters no matter how many different sock combination tried. Now with the […]

Women’s high heel footwear has received a lot of attention in the media lately. Foot and ankle specialists have talked themselves blue in the face about the damaging effect that high heel footwear can have on the feet, knees and backs of fashionable women. But what’s the harm? Regardless of what anybody says, fashionable shoes […]

We forgot to mention this article by Davis and Yavuz on plantar shear forces: Plantar shear stress distribution in athletic individuals with frictional foot blisters. The article concludes that “biomechanical interaction on the plantar surface of a blister-prone person is different from that of individuals who are less prone to the problem.” The biomechanics of […]

Last night, Kare11 News featured a story about Steve Knowlton (44) of Prior Lake and his upcoming cross-country race from Seattle, Washington to Key Largo, Florida. Steve won’t be flying or catching the Greyhound, though. Beginning August 1st, 2010 he’ll begin running over 3,800 miles to raise awareness and funds in the fight against Crohns […]

Charles Kuffel, CPO, FAAOP and I recently had the honor and privilege of presenting a 3 lecture instructional course at the 13th ISPO World Congress and ORTHOPÄDIE + REHA-TECHNIK 2010 in Leipzig Germany. Our course was titled “Friction Management for Neuropathic Foot Problems”. 21,200 visitors from 108 countries visited the fair and the ISPO World […]