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Today I want to share a great foot care resource with you! Fixing Your Feet (4th Edition) by John Vonhof is a must read for anyone that works on feet – either as a healthcare professional or for personal care. Fixing your Feet covers all aspects of prevention and treatment techniques and products for anyone […]

I urge you to read the May, 2009, edition of the O & P Edge. There’s an excellent article “A Dynamic Solution for the Pediatric Symes Amputee” by Daniel Record, CP, LP, RN. The article discusses how Mr. Record and Charles Kinne, CO, fabricated an “articulated Symes ankle prosthosis” (ASAP) for Taylor Mcleod, a twenty-month-old […]

  We have noticed a significant increase in the number of orthoses being custom made for pets, especially dogs. shows very clearly how Tamarack™ joints are being used. Many of the orthoses shown on these pages – and the one at right – are “stifle” (knee) orthoses that are for stabilizing and managing a […]

The latest issue of the Tamarack Designer, the quarterly O&P newsletter of Tamarack™ Habilitation Technologies, is now available for online viewing. The Tamarack Designer, Issue 02 Spring 2009, features a story about Tamarack, one of Marty Carlson’s most memorable clients, an important ShearBan® product update and overview of our durability testing equipment. If you received […]

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