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The 93rd annual American Orthotic & Prosthetic Association National Assembly concluded last Saturday in Orlando, Florida. With just under 2,000 registered attendees, the event drew a comparably sized crowd to the meeting last year in Seattle, Washington. The speaker lineup provided ample opportunity for business owners, practitioners and exhibitors to learn about trends and new […]

The February 2010 issue of Lower Extremity Review ( features a must-read article for physicians, O&P clinicians, physical therapists and other healthcare providers regarding the topic of patient compliance. The article, “Keys to Compliance in O&P: Practitioners Share their Success Stories“ by L.W. Barnes, mentions the myriad of problems caregivers face when attempting to obtain […]

Looking for educational and/or career opportunities in the O&P field? offers a wealth of information for a variety of careers, including: orthotics & prosthetics practitioners, pedorthists, assistants, fitters and technicians. The homepage features a helpful video that explains the O&P profession from the viewpoint of O&P students, practitioners and patients. The website offers […]

The 13th ISPO World Congress has officially kicked off in Leipzig Germany with a focus on “Research and Innovation for Human Technology”. In its 40th year, the International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics welcomes a wealth of new innovation in the form of human technology. Manufacturers and distributors are partnering to develop new products & […]

The latest Tamarack Designer newsletter, Issue 04 Spring 2010, has now shipped to our list of orthotic-prosthetic & pedorthic practitioners. Topics include the Tamarack Blog, ShearBan® Ovals and GlideWear™ Seating Interface market introductions, Tamarack’s 20th Anniversary, Shear Offloading Awareness and much more! Click the following link to view the spring 2010 issue of the Tamarack […]

If you’re an O&P professional who’s attending the 13th World Congress of the International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics in Leipzig, Germany on May 10-15th, 2010, we recommend attending the following course: “Friction Management for Neuropathic Foot Problems” Date/Time: 14 May 2010 8:00AM Presented as three lecture components: Repetitive Loading Skin Trauma Science and the […]

Today’s blog post highlights one of the most common locations for friction-induced skin trauma – the brims of orthotic devices such as an ankle foot orthosis (AFO) or prosthetic socket. These locations are notorious for causing painful rubbing against the skin due to significant shear & pressure forces. Using a low-friction, adhesive-backed material such as […]

Several material and technical expert industry leaders discussed thermoplastics used for O&P applications in the March 1020 O&P Business News ( . While there is some need for O&P specific formulations (such as thinner and stronger) the economics of development makes it very difficult to attract suppliers because the O&P industry is so small. […]

Have you noticed how many orthotic/prosthetic and pedorthic (O&P) industry manufacturers, distributors, content publishers and member organizations have launched social media applications over the past few months? Just flip through the latest issue of The O&P Edge, O&P Business News, or browse a manufacturer’s website. It’s exciting to see the industry grow with the popularity […]

Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Minneapolis, MN is seeking an engineer to assist with new product development, product & technology research and product manufacturing processes. Position requires candidate to work as a project lead as well as assist other project leads as directed. Candidate will support general engineering needs for production and facilitation repairs or changes. This […]