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After recently introducing GlideWear Skin Protection Underwear for Men and GlideWear Skin Protection Shorts for Women, designed specifically for wheelchair users and individuals who are at-risk for skin breakdown from extended bed-stay, we went on the hunt for companies who specialize in the design, manufacture, and sale of adaptive clothing. We hope that, one day, […]

Analyzing pressure distributions for individuals in wheelchair seating systems is necessary in order to assure proper pressure redistribution to avoid pressure ulcers. A new wheelchair seating system, developed by Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc. (Minneapolis, MN USA), aims to address pressure, friction and related shear forces, and microclimate factors (heat and moisture) which typically lead to […]

On Saturday April 17th, 2010, two representatives from Tamarack™ Habilitation Technologies will display a few of Tamarack’s newest products to the Minnesota Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association (MN APTA). While Tamarack’s primary product line focuses on the orthotic/prosthetic and pedorthic industry, a growing number of physical therapists in the USA are seeing patients […]

Last summer Tamarack Habilitation Technologies introduced its latest addition to the “friction management” category – GlideFree™ Transfer Board Strips. While consulting with rehabilitation professionals and wheelchair users on another product line, we learned that wheelchair users who use transfer boards sometimes have a hard time sliding across the board; especially when doing bare skin and […]