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In response to increased utilization of Tamarack Flexure Joints for custom veterinary brace applications, Tamarack Habilitation Technologies has launched a new Veterinary Tamarack Flexure Joint product.

Featuring lighter 65 durometer polyurethane, the Veterinary Tamarack Flexure Joints are specially designed to offer an easier break-in period for dogs and other animals. And because most veterinary orthotic braces are fabricated from black thermoplastic material, the veterinary joints are offered exclusively in a matching black finish. The new joint option can be purchased in 5 set minimums and include fabrication instructions for veterinary brace installation.

Veterinary Tamarack Flexure Joints are available from Tamarack Habilitation Technologies

For more information, call toll-free (866)795-0057 or local area/outside the USA (763) 795-0057

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6 Comments on “Veterinary Tamarack Flexure Joint for Stifle and other Custom Animal Bracing

  1. Jenny Christianson

    I have made and am making (ongoing project!) a below-elbow walking brace for my dog with traumatic radial paralysis. They are working well though she is not consistently totally weightbearing, and I am now considering joints for an elbow support and perhaps adding a carpus limited ROM joint. There is no expertise on canine orthotics available to me so I would appreciate any contacts, advice or websites you can offer.
    I have recently found a photo of the tamarack joint in a dog brace and plan to make a new whole-leg brace based on that.

    I would like a price list if possible for any suitable materials. My dog is 3 yrs old and weighs 16-17kg. She is very active in all doggy ways, running, jumping, twisting, pouncing, climbing and descending steep slopes, swimming and walking on slippery rocks.

    Thank you for any advice you can offer.
    Jenny Christianson

    1. TamarackHTI

      Hi Jenny,

      Thank you so much for contacting us! We have created a website focused on providing information and resources for pet owners, veterinarians and veterinary rehab specialists, which I recommend checking out ( There are a few veterinary brace specialists, including OrthoPets, K-9 Orthotics & Prosthetics, Pawsability and Ace Ortho Solutions who would be happy to consult with you. All of their contact information is featured on our Animal O&P website.

      If you still have questions, feel free to email or give us a call. Good luck with your dog!

      1. Jenny

        Hello again,
        I have had contact with Jason at your Customer Services desk, …and excellent the service was indeed! Thank you for the flexures and moulding dummies, promptly received. Compliments also on your web-resources, such as the Practice, Product and Fabrication Guides, which are very well presented, clear and detailed in the very best way, and easily printed out.
        I will be keeping you up to date with my dog’s progress in the Tamarack splint when it is finished. Thanks again, Jenny

  2. Erich Chris Scheepers

    Good day

    Do you guys sell these joints to the public?
    Based in the UK.

    Kind regards


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