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    • Enhance the value and efficacy of your products by adding patented, friction-reducing GlideWear fabric.
    • Ideal for apparel, braces, medical devices, socks, sports equipment, and more.
    • Protects your customers’ skin from the harmful effects of friction, rubbing, skin breakdown, and discomfort.
    • When sewn in strategic, at-risk locations, GlideWear significantly reduces harmful friction and shear.
    • Bulk pricing available for manufacturers and fabricators. Made in the USA.


How Does GlideWear Work?

GlideWear fabric uses a patented, dual-layer technology to protect skin and reduce the friction that causes rubbing, bed sores, pressure ulcers, wounds, redness, and pain. GlideWear is durable, washable, and reusable.

Now companies can buy GlideWear Pre-Ply Fabric in bulk, and add it to their own products to make them even more effective. Use GlideWear in socks, wheelchair accessories, clothing, medical devices, wound care materials, or athletic apparel.

“I immediately felt a difference in how my skin felt after getting into my wheelchair in the morning… I have noticed a significant reduction in red marks on my skin and heat rash bumps were all but gone. I have since ordered six additional pairs.” — Jason in Minnesota

Manufacturers and Fabricators Love GlideWear

When sewn in strategic, at-risk locations of medical devices, garments, and sports apparel, GlideWear significantly reduces unwanted, harmful friction and shear forces.

You’ll love GlideWear, and so will your customers.

The manufacturer of GlideWear, Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, uses GlideWear in a number of products, including Pressure Ulcer Bed Sore Protection Undershorts, Pressure Sore Heel & Ankle Protectors, Forefoot Shear Protection Socks, Pressure Ulcer Protection Wheelchair Cushion Covers, and Hair and Scalp Protection Pillowcases.

Other companies using GlideWear to make their products even better include:

GlideWear Will Help Your Customers

GlideWear fabric can be applied to products to help:

  • Wheelchair users who experience redness, pain, or bedsores on the buttocks or tailbone
  • Athletes who experience pain or rubbing while exercising or competing
  • Elderly people with limited mobility who spend much of the day in bed, sitting, or using a wheelchair
  • People recovering from surgery who are temporarily bed-bound
  • Amputees who experience discomfort, redness, and skin breakdown on their residual limbs
  • Individuals with neuropathic foot pain related to diabetes who are highly susceptible to ulceration
  • Wound care professionals looking for a long-term solution for their patients


If you’d like to learn more about how GlideWear can help your customers and improve your products, contact us at 866-795-0057 or We’d be happy to send you a sample of GlideWear so you can feel the GlideWear difference. GlideWear is made in the USA by Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc.

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Material Specifications

85% Nylon, 15% Spandex, Does not contain latex


1 review for GlideWear Pre-Ply Low Friction Fabric Roll

  1. Elizabeth

    I had a client who found this fabric and wanted to try it out for her dog who is an amputee and wears a prosthetic leg. I called and was connected with a sales person within minutes who was more than happy to help and supply us with some of the product. She loved it and it worked wonders! Her puppy had just healed up some nasty sores and they tried it out on her new skin with great success. No rubbing or redness at all. Can’t wait to see how it holds up over time!


      Thank you so much for your feedback, Elizabeth! We are absolutely delighted to hear that the GlideWear low friction fabric technology is working well for your client’s dog.

      Coincidentally, a veterinary orthotics and prosthetics provider, named OrthoPets, is introducing a new line of GlideWear veterinary sleeves this week that we’ve been working on for months. It’s exciting to know that the products and technologies we’ve developed for human applications are also working well for our beloved pets as well. Thanks again for your feedback!

      Jason P, Sales & Marketing Manager

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