Clevisphere Free-Motion Ankle Joint | Orthotists & Prosthetists

  • Smooth, free motion ankle joint with a continuously variable posterior stop
  • Durable and made from participation-hardened stainless steel
  • No-maintenance, self-lubricating bearing
  • Auto-aligning feature makes fabrication a breeze, and you don’t need a forming jig
  • Available exclusively from licensed orthotic-prosthetic healthcare providers


Derived from a unique spherical bearing and clevis linkage combination, the Clevisphere Joint delivers a smooth, free motion ankle joint with a continuously variable posterior stop.

The Clevisphere Joint is made from participation-hardened stainless steel to achieve the durability that healthcare providers and patients expect from Tamarack ankle joints. The self-lubricating bearing needs no maintenance and the fabrication process is a breeze, thanks to the auto-aligning feature of the Clevisphere Joint, which doesn’t require a forming jig to fabricate.


Model 747 Clevisphere Ankle Joints are available in adult size only. Each kit includes a set of molding dummies.

How to Purchase

Tamarack Flexure Joint products are available exclusively from licensed Orthotic-Prosthetic healthcare providers. They are not available for purchase by individual consumers. Please contact orthotic-prosthetic service provider for assistance.

Healthcare providers, please contact your preferred O&P supplier for purchase information.

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