World-Renowned Tamarack Flexure Joint | Orthotists and Prosthetists

  • Proven performance since 1995
  • Guaranteed for the lifetime of the orthosis in which they were originally installed.
  • Provide smooth articulation and unmatched durability
  • Lightweight and cost-effective
  • Easy to install in custom and semi-custom thermoplastic and laminated orthopedic bracing applications
  • Available in 3 sizes (pediatric, medium, and large)
  • New 5-pair packs include complimentary reusable molding dummies
  • Available exclusively through industry suppliers and licensed Orthotic-Prosthetic healthcare providers
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The Tamarack Flexure Joint® is recognized and used worldwide in the orthotic & prosthetic industry due to its high strength tension load-bearing element, which provides smooth articulation and unmatched durability. Tamarack Flexure Joints are lightweight, cost effective, and easy to install in custom and semi-custom thermoplastic and laminated orthopedic bracing applications.


Choose from the following models, based on patient diagnosis and functional ability:

Free Motion Ankle Joint (Model 740)
Available in pediatric, medium, and large sizes. Choose from natural or black joint color. Lower durometer veterinary model also available for use in animal orthoses and prostheses.

Dorsiflexion Assist Ankle Joint (Model 742)
Available in pediatric, medium, and large sizes in 75, 85, and 95 durometer hardness. Choose from natural or black joint color.

Variable Assist Ankle Joint (Model 743)
Available in pediatric and large sizes. Each kit includes one pair of joints with variable assist assembly, installation hardware, and a pair of molding dummies.

Tamarack Flexure Joint Caps (Model 741-CAP)
Tamarack also offers an external mounting option for converting an existing solid AFO to articulating using Tamarack Flexure Joint Caps (Model 741-CAP). Available in standard and adjustable dorsiflexion assist cap options.

Tamarack Plantarflexion Limiter Kit (Model 741-ML-PF)
A new innovation from Tamarack, the Tamarack Plantarflexion Limiter Kit (Model 741-ML-PF) provides continuous adjustability with durable M-L set screws and offers a unique, side-mount design that doesn’t alter shoe fit. Download the PDF.

How to Purchase

Tamarack Flexure Joints are available exclusively from licensed Orthotic-Prosthetic healthcare providers. They are not available for purchase by individual consumers. Please contact an orthotic-prosthetic service provider for assistance.

Healthcare providers, please contact your preferred O&P supplier for purchase information.

Possible L-Code Options

Tamarack has compiled this list of L-Code options for consideration when billing for Tamarack products. Other codes may be appropriate. The patient care facility that selects the product and fits the patient is responsible for accurate coding. You should be aware that the codes and official interpretations of the codes by Medicare and other payers may change at any time.

Product Instructions

Tamarack Flexure Joints are provided exclusively through licensed Orthotic & Prosthetic clinics for custom fabrication within thermoplastic and laminated lower and upper extremity orthoses (“braces”).

Comprehensive installation instructions are included with each Tamarack Flexure Joint package.

Size Chart

Tamarack Flexure Joint Dimensions (Length x Width x Thickness)

PEDIATRIC (P/S) Tamarack Flexure Joint: 1.25″ x 0.42″ x 0.5″ (3.175cm x 1.07cm x 1.27cm)

MEDIUM (M) Tamarack Flexure Joint: 1.50″ x 0.50″ x 0.368″ (3.81cm x 1.27cm x 0.93cm)

LARGE (L/G) Tamarack Flexure Joint: 1.8125″ x 0.591″ x 0.4140″ (4.60cm x 1.50cm x 1.05cm)

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