Our Brands - Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc.

Our Brands

Tamarack Habilitation Technologies Inc. proudly manufactures the following product lines in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Introduced to the orthotics & prosthetics industry in 1995, the Tamarack Flexure Joint is world renown for it’s ease of fabrication, durability, and clinical effectiveness when installed in custom and semi-custom ankle foot orthoses and other types of orthopedic braces. Explore our comprehensive line of Tamarack Flexure Joints and accessories.

Designed to target and prevent ulcerations, blisters, calluses, and irritation on the foot and around the body. Available in sheet for custom patch sizing, ShearBan features a patented & proven PTFE film technology designed for strategically reducing friction in footwear, insoles, orthotic and prosthetic devices, and more.

ENGO Blister Patches help runners, women who wear heels, hikers, and athletes avoid blisters for good. Available in a variety of shapes & sizes, ENGO Blister Prevention Patches provided targeted protection against blisters and calluses.

GlideFree Transfer Board Tape helps wheelchair users complete sliding transfers between seating surfaces easier, while protecting the skin from shear-induced skin breakdown.

Offers wound prevention products for amputees, Epidermolysis Bullosa and people with limited mobility. Featuring a patented dual layer, low friction fabric technology, these products feature strategic friction reduction zones designed to prevent tissue damage for users at-risk for developing skin breakdown.

The FlexForm Custom Seating System’s patented wheelchair sitting support surface and method of custom molding provides custom pressure distribution along with shear and microclimate control for wheelchair users.