GlideFree - Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc.

GlideFree Self-Adhesive, Low-Friction Transfer Board Tape

Introducing, a low-friction solution for transfer boards…

Do you have difficulty sliding when using a transfer board? Does your skin get pinched or rubbed when you slide across your transfer board? Fortunately, there’s finally a transfer board solution that makes it easier to slide while also protecting your skin during transfers: GlideFree Transfer Board Tape.

The Ultimate Transfer Board Solution

GlideFree Transfer Board Tape creates a durable, low-friction surface on nearly any wood, plastic, or composite material-based transfer board. It works by reducing surface friction to make sliding transfers easier to accomplish, while also protecting sensitive skin from abrasion, pain, and skin breakdown.

  • Creates a low-friction surface to glide across easily and safely.
  • No more rubbing and pinching during transfers.
  • Unique, self-adhesive tape reduces friction to make sliding transfers easier.
  • Works with any transfer board material, including wood, plastic, or composite.
  • Water-resistant, making it ideal for both wet and dry wheelchair transfers.
  • Sold in a 5 yard roll (1″ width)

GlideFree Transfer Board Tape is ideal for:

  • Anyone who uses a transfer board for transferring between a bed, wheelchair, shower, chair, car, toilet, couch, and any other surface
  • Both wet and dry transfers
  • Application on any transfer board material, including wood, plastic, and composite
  • Also works well on commodes and shower chairs

Say Goodbye to Difficult and Skin Damaging Transfers

You don’t have to go another day or week with difficult transfers or worrying about pinching or rubbing during transfers. Don’t wait. Invest in a long-term transfer board solution – buy GlideFree Transfer Board Tape today. The GlideFree Transfer Board Tape Kit is made in the USA by Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, winner of the 2015 Minnesota Manufacturing Award by Minnesota Business Magazine.