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Friction & Shear Protection for Podiatry

Innovative self-adhesive footwear patches provide targeted protection from friction & shear forces that contribute to the formation of hot spots, blisters, calluses, and diabetic foot ulcers.


Skin Trauma

Blisters and calluses are caused primarily by pressure in combination with friction & shear. The skin’s tolerance for pressure and shear forces is also affected by heat, moisture, nutrition, co-morbidities, and condition of the soft tissue. As activity level increases, the damaging effects of these contributing factors accelerate the timeline for blister & callus formation.

When an individual with peripheral neuropathy develops a foot ulcer, the inability of the nervous and vascular systems to heal the wound efficiently poses a significant challenge for wound care professionals. While offloading devices are commonly prescribed to reduce pressure at the wound site, measures to reduce friction & shear are often forgotten. Healing may be slowed and recurrence is likely without also addressing the influence of friction & shear on soft tissue healing.


Friction Relief

Featuring a unique, low-friction PTFE film, ShearBan provides immediate relief and long-lasting protection from friction that contributes to the formation of skin trauma. The durable, self-adhesive patches conform and adhere well to all type of footwear and medical devices.

Protect skin that’s susceptible to foot blisters, calluses, and ulcers by applying ShearBan directly to troublesome locations on footwear, insoles, and medical devices (not on the skin).

ShearBan patches are not a substitute for treatment of exposed wounds and are not intended for application directly to the skin.

Apply ShearBan in at-risk areas to:

  • Enhance comfort and extend periods of functional activity
  • Provide a greater margin of safety for patients with sensory (pain) deficit
  • Maximize orthopedic support and correction beyond what is possible with pressure offloading alone
  • Reduce the number of early returns to the clinic when used prophylactically

ShearBan Purchase Options

ShearBan is available in 8 inch x 12 inch sheets for professional installation and precut patches for spot-relieving areas of concern on footwear and insoles (foot orthotics) as well as sports and medical devices.

ShearBan 8 x 12 inch sheets: Recommended for installation by foot care professionals. Trim sheet material to desired shape and size for a custom fit on any footwear, insole, medical device, or sports equipment. Available in single and 5-sheet packs.

ShearBan Bulk Packs: Choose from four popular precut patch options, including heel patches (12 per pack), rectangle sheets (15 per pack), large or small ovals (30 per pack) for easy installation in a variety of applications. Bulk packaged for installation by foot care professionals.

ShearBan Foot Blister Pack: Choose from 4 large oval patches, 2 heel patches, or 2 rectangle patches. Packaged for retail sale to sports medicine customers in medical clinics.

ShearBan Diabetic Ulcer Pack: Choose from 4 large oval patches, 2 small oval patches, or 2 rectangle patches. Packaged for retail sale to diabetic foot care customers in medical clinics.

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