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ShearBan® PTFE Sheets, Rivet Covers & Cosmetic Patches

ShearBan® is a patented, self-adhesive, low friction material that provides targeted protection from friction & shear forces that contribute to the formation of hot spots, blisters, calluses, and diabetic foot ulcers.

ShearBan® Self-Adhesive, Low-Friction Sheets for Foot Blister and Ulcer Care

ShearBan is a patented ultra-low friction film with durable self-adhesive backing provides long-lasting protection from the friction and shear that cause skin abrasion, calluses, corns, blisters, bunions, and foot ulceration. ShearBan is ideal for patching troublesome areas of orthopedic braces, prosthetic sockets, footwear, insoles, athletic equipment, and more. Available in 8″ x 12″ sheets, Rivet Cover and Cosmetic Patches (for concealing hardware).

Target Rubbing at the Source!

ShearBan works by reducing friction only in specific, at-risk areas of footwear, insoles, medical devices and sports equipment to protect sensitive tissue from wound-causing friction Friction is retained in surrounding areas to optimize mobility and stability for users. Unlike on-skin bandages designed for temporary coverage, ShearBan provides months of lasting protection with a single application.


  • Enhances patients’ comfort by reducing painful rubbing
  • Provides a greater margin of safety for individuals who are highly susceptible to skin breakdown; especially individuals with neuropathic foot conditions, amputations, or foot deformities
  • Maximizes orthopedic support and correction beyond what’s possible with pressure offloading alone due to the reduction in tissue deformation where ShearBan is used
  • Reduces the friction/shear that cause skin breakdown
  • Lasts many months before replacement may be necessary

Available in Three Convenient Formats:

8 x 12 inch Sheets

Recommended for installation by foot care professionals. Trim sheet material to desired shape and size for a custom fit on any footwear, insole, medical device, or sports equipment. Available in single and 5-sheet packs in blue and beige colors.

3/4″ and 15/16″ Rivet Cover Patches

Recommended for concealing strap hardware on orthopedic braces to prevent skin contact and metal corrosion, and to provide an attractive finished look. Available in black or beige colors.

Cosmetic Patches

Recommended to create a smooth, cosmetically-appealing finish over externally mounted joints within upper and lower extremity braces. Available in black or beige colors. Available exclusively through industry suppliers and licensed Orthotic-Prosthetic healthcare providers.

Learn how Shearban Reduces Friction

Questions? Email: or call 763-795-0057 to discuss which ShearBan product is right for your individual need.

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