Tamarack Flexure Joint Product Overview | Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc.

Tamarack Flexure Joint Product Overview

Tamarack Flexure Joint | Ankle Joints for Custom Ankle-Foot Orthotics

  • Proven performance since 1995
  • Guaranteed for the lifetime of the orthosis in which they were originally installed.
  • Provide smooth articulation and unmatched durability
  • Lightweight and cost-effective
  • Easy to install in custom and semi-custom thermoplastic and laminated orthopedic bracing applications
  • Available in 3 sizes (pediatric, medium, and large)
  • New 5-pair packs include complimentary reusable molding dummies

Tamarack Flexure Joint Tools & Accessories

Browse our line of hand tools and accessories for installing and removing Tamarack Flexure Joints from thermoplastic and laminated AFO’s, KAFO’s, and other types of orthopedic braces.

Tamarack’s easy-to-use hand punch, frustration-saving spanner wrench, and convenient hex driver are must-have’s for busy orthotic labs.

Tamarack Flexure Joint Caps (External Mounting Cavities for Tamarack Flexure Joints)

  • Engineered to produce an intimate fit with free motion and dorsiflexion assist Tamarack Flexure Joints
  • Eliminates the need to fabricate a new brace when articulation is desired after originally fabricating a solid brace
  • Works well with thermoplastic, co-poly, carbon fiber and metal & leather systems
  • Available in two models: standard and dorsiflexion assist

Tamarack Plantarflexion Limiter Kit for Tamarack Flexure Joints

  • Unique, side-mount design eliminates shoe interference issues associated with posterior stops
  • Provides 20 degrees of continuous adjustability to optimize AFO function
  • Designes for use in conjunction with Tamarack Flexure Joints
  • Works well with thermoplastic, co-poly, and carbon fiber manufacturing methods

Tamarack Clevisphere Ankle Joint | Ankle-Foot Orthotics

  • Smooth, free motion ankle joint with a continuously variable posterior stop
  • Durable and made from participation-hardened stainless steel
  • No-maintenance, self-lubricating bearing
  • Auto-aligning feature makes fabrication a breeze, and you don’t need a forming jig

Available exclusively through industry suppliers and licensed Orthotic-Prosthetic healthcare providers