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Innovative Solutions to Improve Mobility & Comfort

Since 1990, Tamarack Habilitation Technologies has been trusted by healthcare professionals worldwide to help improve mobility and protect the skin. From the original Tamarack Flexure Joint for custom orthopedic bracing to the company’s line of skin protection products for rubbing, blisters, and pressure injuries (“decubitus ulcers / bedsores / pressure sores”), Tamarack offers a wide range of products designed to enhance user mobility, independence and comfort every day.

Tamarack Flexure Joint

Reliable. Versatile. Durable. Trusted.

Utilized in the fabrication of custom ankle-foot orthotics (AFOs) and other lower & upper extremity braces since 1995, Tamarack Flexure Joints are trusted by healthcare providers around the world due to their effectiveness and superior durability. Explore our comprehensive lineup of flexure joint solutions, accessories, and hardware.


ShearBan®: Strategic Friction Reduction

ShearBan® provides relief and long-lasting protection by strategically reducing friction where it is causes the shear stress that contributes to the formation of blisters, calluses, diabetic foot ulcers, and pressure injuries. ShearBan applies on the shoe or orthopedic device, not on the skin.   Also available as precut Rivet Cover patches for neat and clean orthosis/prostheses.

GlideWear™ Technology: Strategic Friction Reduction for Protection Against Pain, Skin Breakdown & Pressure Injuries

This patented dual-layer fabric technology provides strategic friction reduction for protection against discomfort and skin breakdown and to enhance comfort and independence. Choose from a variety of products.

Protecting ‘Butterfly Children’

Innovative Clothing for Epidermolysis Bullosa

GlideWear technology is incorporated into a new line of skin protection clothing & accessories designed to protect the skin of children with EB, a painful fragile skin condition where even the slightest amount of friction causes severe blistering. More Details

Don’t Let Blisters Hold You Back

Stay Active and Blister-Free

ENGO Blister Patches use patented technology to reduce the friction that causes blisters and painful rubbing. You don’t have to stop running, hiking, or being active. Protect your feet with ENGO. More Details

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