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We’re dedicated to bringing you innovative solutions to improve your daily life. We make high-quality products that last, and we go out of our way to make sure your order arrives on time. We pride ourselves in our excellent customer service. As a result, we’ve received hundreds of emails and phone calls from satisfied customers. Here’s what our customers are saying.

I immediately felt a difference in how my skin felt after initially getting into my wheelchair in the morning. After sitting and working all day approx. 12 hours total daily, I have noticed a significant reduction in red marks on my skin and heat rash bumps were all but gone. I have since ordered six additional pairs.

Jason in Minnesota, GlideWear Undershorts

My skin has been healthy and intact, largely, we think, due to the GlideWear seat cover! Thank you! I would highly recommend the GlideWear seat covers to anybody that needs to use a wheelchair.

Angie in Minnesota, GlideWear Wheelchair Cushion Cover

These shorts are well designed and made for the vast majority of users with issues on the butt or hips.

Thomas in Minnesota, GlideWear Undershorts

I have been pleasantly surprised with the marriage of the stretchy material with the GlideWear. My wife thought it would be too warm for summer. I felt no negative or extra warmth from the shorts.

Jim in Minnesota, GlideWear Undershorts

The overall comfort of the sock is great. With no seams, the socks do not create hot spots or wear points. The GlideWear socks are very comfortable and keep my feet at a comfortable temperature.

Gordon in Colorado, GlideWear Heel & Ankle Protector Socks