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GlideWear™ Technology

GlideWear is a patented silk-like two-layer knit material designed to protect skin and soft tissue from the effects of rubbing/friction. The very slippery, low-friction interface (CoF, 0.2) between the two fabric layers of GlideWear protects the wearer from the friction forces which are the major factor responsible for soft tissue damage such as foot blisters, ulcers and bed sores. GlideWear is made from a very light-weight Lycra knit material that stretches to fit closely, conforming to body contours. It is not intended to function as a compression garment.  GlideWear is typically utilized as a patch or a component of clothing, footwear and/or support surface covers coming in forceful contact with body surfaces. It is strategically included as a discreet panel sewn into or onto only those locations which are known or expected to experience damaging levels of friction/rubbing. Friction is the aspect of rubbing which does damage by applying excessive traction-type forces to the skin surface. These cause damaging shear distortion of skin and soft tissue layers. GlideWear will typically reduce friction forces by 50% to 80%. GlideWear is bi-elastic and gas-and-vapor-permeable. For more material information, please contact

Current GlideWear™ status

In September 2019, Tamarack sold the intellectual property for GlideWear to the Swedish company MIPS.  Tamarack continues to use GlideWear under license from MIPS for Orthotic & Prosthetic, wheelchair surfaces (sublicensed to PermobilUS), for the Tamarack FlexForm Custom Seating System, and for other specialty applications (EB and burn garments).
  • Prosthetic Liner Patch
  • Prosthetic Brim Sheath
  • Protection Socks
  • Underwear/Shorts
  • GlideWear Pre-ply (Raw Material)
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  • Wheelchair Cushion Cover
  • Wheelchair Headrest Cover
  • Liner Patch for Total Contact Cast
  • Sitting Pad
  • Bed Surface Applications
  • Animal O&P
  • Pillowcase
  • Products for Children with EB

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