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Epidermolysis Bullosa with GlideWear™ Technology

How Kids with EB are Benefiting from Reduced Friction & Shear

Epidermolysis bullosa (EB) is a rare condition in which the skin is so fragile that even the slightest bit of friction causes blistering, and even skin loss. According to Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa Research Association of America (debra of America), there are 20,000 people in the US living with EB.

The GlideWear™ Technology is a patented, ultra-low-friction fabric that’s widely used in medical and sports applications where skin is at risk for injury caused by friction, shear, rubbing, and breakdown. It’s a two-layer fabric that protects skin by gliding smoothly against itself and absorbing the harmful friction and shear that can damage skin.

“GlideWear is a gamechanger for children with EB!” — Mother of a daughter with EB

GlideWear Clothing in Action

What Parents of Kids with EB are Saying

“The GlideWear clothes are working great. My daughter won’t take them off.” – Father of a daughter with EB

“Our son has started scooting around on his knees, something he could never do before he had GlideWear in the knees of his pants!” – Nina Schuppler, mother of a son with EB

“Using GlideWear garments for my daughter reduced bandages by approximately half, saving about $5,000/month. And because fewer bandages are needed, GlideWear clothes make kids with EB more comfortable — they can move more freely and wear fewer layers in hot climate.” – Gabriella McCann, mother of a daughter with EB

“GlideWear clothing has made a huge difference in our life and has helped our son tremendously. We are very thankful for that!” – Mother of a son with EB

“Besides GlideWear there is nothing out there to effectively reduce friction. The garments we used before are okay for bandage retaining, but not for friction reduction in case of trauma. GlideWear clothing was so important for our daughter.” – Mother of a daughter with EB

The History of the GlideWear™ Technology & Epidermolysis Bullosa

Our team’s work with kids with epidermolysis bullosa started in 2015 with one 4-year-old girl, Elisa McCann (pictured right), in Minnesota. We designed custom clothes for her to protect her armpits, knees, elbows, and back from harmful friction that causes blistering.

In early 2017, our team started working with a nationally renowned hospital to design custom products for their patients with epidermolysis bullosa. Now we are working with children with EB across the country to design effective skin protection solutions. In July 2018 at the debra Care Conference, GlideWear™ Technology launched its standard line of skin protection products for children with EB. Read the press release.

In 2019, GlideWearTM technology was acquired by MIPS. MIPS is supportive of Tamarack’s wish to keep GlideWear items available to the EB population who find it helpful. Tamarack is honored that debra of America is a distributer of GlideWearTM products.

Case Study & Clinical Poster

Questions? Give Us a Call

We have an expert team of clinical and customer service specialists to answer any question you have about size, fit, and whether the GlideWear™ Technology skin protection products are right for you or your child. Call us at 763-795-0057 or email info@tamarackhti.com.

Meet Our Clinical & Prototyping Team

Caroline Portoghese


With over 20 years of clinical experience, Caroline has credentials as an occupational therapist and nursing home administrator from the University of Minnesota. Caroline has specialty credentials as an Assistive Technology Professional, Seating Mobility Specialist, and MS Clinical Specialist. Caroline is a graduate of Macalester Collage, and she recently obtained her MBA from Saint Catherine University. She initially worked as a custom seating practitioner at Tamarack starting in 1998, and re-joined Tamarack in 2017. Caroline is excited to focus on clinical service and education with a research and development focus.

Mark Payette


Mark is a certified orthotist with more than 25 years of patient care experience, specializing in custom orthotic wheelchair seating. Providing these services was a joy and passion for Mark. He has been with Tamarack since its inception, except for the 4 year time period that Tamarack clinical services was owned by a large local hospital corporation. Mark has since returned to Tamarack and, while missing direct client services, now enjoys the opportunity and challenges of new product development.

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