February 2010 - Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc.

Have you noticed how many orthotic/prosthetic and pedorthic (O&P) industry manufacturers, distributors, content publishers and member organizations have launched social media applications over the past few months? Just flip through the latest issue of The O&P Edge, O&P Business News, or browse a manufacturer’s website. It’s exciting to see the industry grow with the popularity […]

The latest addition to the ShearBan® product line from Tamarack™ Habilitation Technologies – ShearBan Ovals– are now available from PEL Supply. New ShearBan Ovals provide a shape ideal for preventing and treating the diabetic foot. They are particularly suited for placement in footwear under the metatarsal heads, or next to the big toe – places […]

Has anyone used ENGO® (our consumer product) or ShearBan® (our professional product) to help treat Haglund’s deformity, also known as the “pump bump” or “bauer bump”? We are interested in hearing from you if you have! Haglund’s Deformity occurs at the back of the heel. The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons has a […]

The cover story in the November 2009 issue of Lower Extremity Review, entitled “Balancing Act: A real-world approach to high heels” highlights numerous professional perspectives on finding a balance between women’s desire to be fashionable and the need to maintain healthy feet. While frequent high heel wear seems harmless to women in their twenties and […]

Marty Carlson, the founder and co-owner of Tamarack and I were looking through some old seminar materials on neuropathic ulcers that Marty had. The National Hansen’s Disease Center, then located in Carville, Louisiana, had conducted the seminar. Included in the materials was a 1983 article written by Dr. Paul W. Brand, the legendary physician who […]

This is an interesting discussion on Present Podiatry about the importance of debriding calluses or nails. As pointed out by several of the podiatrists, they use the debridement session as an opportunity to examine the callosity or nail more closely. As one practitioner noted, an examination after debridement of a callus can often expose an […]