May 2010 - Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc.

The February 2010 issue of Lower Extremity Review ( features a must-read article for physicians, O&P clinicians, physical therapists and other healthcare providers regarding the topic of patient compliance. The article, “Keys to Compliance in O&P: Practitioners Share their Success Stories“ by L.W. Barnes, mentions the myriad of problems caregivers face when attempting to obtain […]

The Louisiana O&P Association met in Lafayette, Louisiana, May 19 to 22, 2010. It was hot – Temperatures were in the mid-90s with high humidity, but it was still a lively meeting. (We northerners only melted a little around the edges.) Tamarack exhibited with Becker Orthopedic. The organizers of the meeting did a great job. […]

In his recent Podiatry Today Blog, Dr. Patrick DeHeer, DPM, FACFAS, discusses his concerns with rocker-style shoes. Given the current popularity of rocker sole shoes, it’s interesting to capture the viewpoint of a well-recognized Podiatrist who treats foot and ankle conditions. Dr. DeHeer writes, “The main concern I have had with both of these shoes […]

Researchers at the Cleveland Clinic have explored the effect of various diseases on plantar shear stresses while walking. In a 2009 article in Gait & Posture, Dr. Metin Yavuz and colleagues examined hallux valgus, a degenerative joint disease in which the big toe deviates laterally and the first metatarsal bone deviates medially. Generally, the researchers […]

Tamarack Habilitation Technologies is delighted to be a part of the orthotics, prosthetics, podiatry and complex rehabilitation industries. Social media in the 21st century has created a wide variety of communication opportunities to educate & collaborate with business & consumers. Through the Inside Tamarack Blog, we aim to communicate with every one of you, news […]

We wanted to let you know about an event that’s taking place right now called Running Hope Through America. From April 19 to June 19, 2010, world class ultra runner Lisa Smith Batchen is making strides to become the first person ever to run 50 miles in each of the 50 states. Accompanied by her […]

Over the past few years, manufacturers and healthcare professionals in the specialized field of orthotics, prosthetics, pedorthics and podiatry have begun focusing more intensively on the prevention of diabetic foot wounds, including calluses and plantar foot ulcers. With more advanced product technologies, healthcare providers can more effectively evaluate “at-risk” areas for re-ulceration to prevent skin […]

Please attend the Louisiana Orthotic & Prosthetic Meeting May 20 to 22, 2010 in Lafayette, Louisiana. Several bits of news to draw you to Lafayette: Dennis Janisse, C.Ped will conduct a workshop on Friday May 21 1:00 to 4:30. The workshop is entitled: “Diabetic Foot Problems and Novel Ways to Treat Them with ShearBan®.” Learn […]

Looking for educational and/or career opportunities in the O&P field? offers a wealth of information for a variety of careers, including: orthotics & prosthetics practitioners, pedorthists, assistants, fitters and technicians. The homepage features a helpful video that explains the O&P profession from the viewpoint of O&P students, practitioners and patients. The website offers […]

A great physician guide on health issues for the master athlete appears in MEDICINE & SCIENCE IN SPORTS & EXERCISE. It is: Selected Issues for the Master Athlete and the Team Physician: A Consensus Statement. The guide is free – click on this link and see options. Many of our ENGO® customers are master athletes. […]