October 2011 - Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc.

Do you wish you could add free motion or dorsiflexion assist joints after you’ve fabricated a thermoplastic, carbon fiber or leather brace? New Tamarack Flexure Joint Caps offer O&P practitioners, technicians and central fabrication companies a new installation alternative, using Tamarack’s pre-made cavity system for articulating orthopedic devices. George Garcia, CTO with Arizona AFO recently […]

While conducting research on the spinal cord injury population to better understand how to market and distribute our GlideWear Low Friction Cushion Cover product, I ran across a few resources worth sharing. Websites: Foundation for SCI Prevention, Care & Cure – http://fscip.org/organization.htm SCI-Info-Pages – http://www.sci-info-pages.com/ SCI Guide – www.bu.edu/sciguide Mobility magazines: Ability Magazine – www.abilitymagazine.com […]