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According to a July 20, 2010 Star Tribune article, titled Ramsey gets new VA clinic, the city of Ramsey, MN has won the bid to become the site of the newest veterans clinic. It’s a big win for veterans in the Minneapolis metro area, who would otherwise travel to VA hospitals in Minneapolis or St. […]

It may surprise many that a desire to “take control” by a patient with a diabetic foot ulcer may actually delay healing. According to a just-published study in Diabetologia, “confrontation coping and depression predict ulcer healing.” According to the lead author, professor Kavita Vedhara, “My colleagues and I believe that this confrontational approach may, inadvertently, […]

An article published Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine has shed new light on the effectiveness of hands-only CPR. A hot topic in the media sparks the question; why change the protocol for what has seemed to work fine for years? The thought process behind the NEJM study was to encourage more bystanders […]

Women’s high heel footwear has received a lot of attention in the media lately. Foot and ankle specialists have talked themselves blue in the face about the damaging effect that high heel footwear can have on the feet, knees and backs of fashionable women. But what’s the harm? Regardless of what anybody says, fashionable shoes […]

Last night, Kare11 News featured a story about Steve Knowlton (44) of Prior Lake and his upcoming cross-country race from Seattle, Washington to Key Largo, Florida. Steve won’t be flying or catching the Greyhound, though. Beginning August 1st, 2010 he’ll begin running over 3,800 miles to raise awareness and funds in the fight against Crohns […]

Here’s yet another article addressing shearing forces as a neglected cause of diabetic foot ulcers: Can Smart Orthotics Have an Impact in Preventing Ulceration? The article observes that experts are increasingly recognizing the importance of shear in diabetic foot ulcer formation. This kind of attention to shear is so important. A key issue raised by […]

Dr. Metin Yavuz is one of the leading researchers on the biomechanical forces causing diabetic foot ulcers. He started his work at the Cleveland Clinic and has continued it at the Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine. Dr. Yavuz contributed a superb article to the May, 2010 issue of Lower Extremity Review entitled: Plantar Shear: Casting […]

Doug Richie, Jr., DPM, FACFAS, FAAPSM, wrote an excellent article in the June, 2010 issue of Podiatry Today entitled: How to Manage Friction Blisters. The article provides an overview of friction blister pathomechanics, misconceptions about friction blisters, shoe fit, insoles, and socks, and blister treatment tips. The article also explains how shear forces contribute to […]

The February 2010 issue of Lower Extremity Review ( features a must-read article for physicians, O&P clinicians, physical therapists and other healthcare providers regarding the topic of patient compliance. The article, “Keys to Compliance in O&P: Practitioners Share their Success Stories“ by L.W. Barnes, mentions the myriad of problems caregivers face when attempting to obtain […]

In his recent Podiatry Today Blog, Dr. Patrick DeHeer, DPM, FACFAS, discusses his concerns with rocker-style shoes. Given the current popularity of rocker sole shoes, it’s interesting to capture the viewpoint of a well-recognized Podiatrist who treats foot and ankle conditions. Dr. DeHeer writes, “The main concern I have had with both of these shoes […]