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The November 2010 issue of Lower Extremity Review features the results of a Virginia Tech University study, which measured the effects of Achilles tendon loading and dorsiflexion range of motion with two different shoe styles. High-top athletic shoes were identified as having almost 10% less peak Achilles tendon tension than their low-top counterpart. The study […]

Michael Smith of Carbon Express in Land-O-Lakes, Florida, has been fabricating very minimalistic ankle foot orthoses using carbon fiber. Michael’s core business is central fabrication of low extremity orthotics using carbon fiber. The pictured ankle foot orthosis (AFO) includes Tamarack™ Dorsi Assist Flexure Joints. Orthotists commonly use Tamarack Dorsi-Assist joints in AFOs intended for people […]

  An intriguing article on an ankle foot orthosis (AFO) for running recently appeared in the September, 2009, issue of Prosthetics and Orthotics International. Authors David Bishop, Allan Moore, and Naveen Chandrashekar discuss a novel AFO. The AFO was designed for one of the authors who suffered peroneal nerve damage and as a result developed […]