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Over the years, we’ve noticed that the trim gaps between the footplate and calf section of some custom-fabricated articulating ankle-foot orthosis (AFO) samples are excessively large, sometimes measuring up to 1/4” between the two sections. The purpose of this post is to highlight the importance of keeping your trim gap as close as possible to […]

We’re pleased to announce that our recently introduced Tamarack Flexure Joint Caps™ are now available in both black and natural color options. Image: Tamarack Flexure Joint Caps – currently available for large Tamarack Flexure Joints only Tamarack Flexure Joint Caps™ offer an efficient and durable alternative to traditional vacuum-formed joint cavity fabrication, while also making […]

If you’re an orthotist, prosthetists, CPO or technician who uses Tamarack Flexure Joints™, visit our website to view, print or save the new Tamarack Flexure Joint Fabrication Guide. The 30 page “how to” guide is great for obtaining tips to improve fabrication results, or as an introduction to thermoplastic fabrication of lower & upper limb […]