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FlexForm Custom Wheelchair Seating System

A next-generation, custom contoured wheelchair seating system that provides optimized pressure distribution, strategic friction and shear management, and exceptional dissipation of heat and moisture

FlexForm is a comprehensive seating solution, addressing:

  • Pressure distribution
  • Friction & shear
  • Microclimate (moisture & temperature)

FlexForm Reduces Weight-Bearing Loads in At-Risk Areas

FlexForm™ allows clinicians and suppliers to assess the seat surface from below; fine-tuning individual straps as needed for spot-relief of at-risk high pressure areas.
The durable web straps are positioned to conform to the user’s unique three-dimensional profile; ensuring maximum pressure redistribution away from at-risk areas, while enabling ventilation (heat & moisture dissipation) in the seat surface area.

GlideWear® Technology Provides Relief from Friction-Induced Shear

The custom-fabricated GlideWear® cover provides targeted friction and shear management; protecting the user’s skin from breakdown, while strategically limiting the low friction area to ensure stability for the user. Microclimate is optimized through a breathable cover in partnership with a thin ventilation layer; designed to transfer heat and moisture away from the skin.

Uniquely Designed for Optimized Shape Contouring and Personal Comfort

The seat support surface is a webbed (interwoven) three-dimensional contour, designed and built to capture and support the user’s unique anatomical specifications. It provides contours necessary for personal pressure distribution.

Two Ways to Get FlexForm: Insert and Integrated

There are two ways wheelchair users can experience the benefits of FlexForm.

FlexForm Insert

  • Designed and built to fit the user’s wheelchair and individual anatomical specifications
  • Replaces traditional cushion with a breathable, optimized surface
  • Protects user’s skin by addressing friction, shear, pressure, and microclimate
  • Patented, interwoven strap design improve microclimate to keep the user cool and dry
  • Strong, durable, and made from high-strength ABS material

FlexForm Integrated

  • Seat surface is integrated into a custom manual wheelchair, delivering all of the benefits of a custom seating system without the bulk of a traditional custom cushion
  • Eliminates the need to lift a separate cushion in and out of your wheelchair for transport
  • Patented, interwoven strap design improve microclimate to keep the user cool and dry
  • Protects user’s skin by addressing friction, shear, pressure, and microclimate
  • Unique molding mechanism quickly creates a custom-molded shape that the user can home the same day

The FlexForm Experience

  • Step 1: A seating specialist determines whether the FlexForm Custom Seating System is appropriate for the wheelchair user’s seating and mobility needs
  • Step 2: The FlexForm Custom Seating System is contoured to the individuals unique seating profile using shaping and pressure mapping tools to transfer to the definitive, custom-made seating system
  • Step 3: The Flexform Custom Seating System is shipped to the complex rehab supplier for final fitting, adjustment, and deliver to user.

Where to Find FlexForm

FlexForm is available through FlexForm-certified providers, including Reliable Medical Supply in Minnesota and Complex Rehab Solutions in Florida.

DME Dealers & Seating Specialists, contact Tamarack Habilitation Technologies to request a FlexForm Custom Seating System demonstration:
Tamarack Habilitation Technologies
Ask for Mark Payette, ATP, CO

Download the FlexForm Insert brochure [PDF]

Download the FlexForm Integrated brochure [PDF]