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FlexForm Custom Wheelchair Seating System

A next-generation, custom contoured wheelchair seating system that provides optimized pressure distribution, strategic friction and shear management, and exceptional dissipation of heat and moisture

FlexForm is a comprehensive seating solution, addressing:

  • Pressure distribution
  • Friction & shear
  • Microclimate (moisture & temperature)

FlexForm Reduces Weight-Bearing Loads in At-Risk Areas

FlexForm™ allows clinicians and suppliers to assess the seat surface from below; fine-tuning individual straps as needed for spot-relief of at-risk high pressure areas.
The durable web straps are positioned to conform to the user’s unique three-dimensional profile; ensuring maximum pressure redistribution away from at-risk areas, while enabling ventilation (heat & moisture dissipation) in the seat surface area.

Uniquely Designed for Optimized Shape Contouring and Personal Comfort

The FlexFormTM Custom Seating System frame is made from high-strength ABS material; designed and built to fit the user’s wheelchair and individual anatomical specifications. The seat support surface is a webbed (interwoven) three-dimensional contour, designed and built to capture and support the user’s unique anatomical specifications. It provides contours necessary for personal pressure distribution.

Where to Find FlexForm

FlexForm is available through FlexForm-certified providers, including Reliable Medical Supply in Minnesota and Warrior Service Company in Miami, Florida.

DME Dealers & Seating Specialists, contact Tamarack Habilitation Technologies to request a FlexForm Custom Seating System demonstration:
Tamarack Habilitation Technologies
Ask for Mark Payette, ATP, CO

Download the FlexForm brochure [PDF]