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FlexForm Custom Wheelchair Seating System

An innovative, strap-based, fully adjustable seating system that uniquely addresses all extrinsic risk factors of pressure injury, including pressure, friction/shear, and microclimate

How FlexForm Address Pressure Injury-Inducing Forces

There are three primary extrinsic factors that cause pressure injuries: pressure, friction/shear, and microclimate (heat and moisture). Unlike other cushions, the FlexForm Seating System addresses all three. FlexForm allows clinicians and suppliers to assess the seat surface from below, fine-tuning individual straps as needed for spot relief of high-pressure areas. This access also allows caregivers to quickly and easily verify effectiveness.

The durable web straps are positioned to conform to the user’s unique profile, ensuring maximum pressure redistribution away from at-risk areas, while enabling ventilation (heat & moisture dissipation) in the seat surface area. The GlideWear Low-Friction Fabric cushion dramatically reduces friction and shear (by 40-70%), protecting the user’s skin and giving the FlexForm Seating System a competitive advantage.

Two Ways to Get FlexForm: Insert and Integrated

There are two ways wheelchair seating companies can experience the benefits of FlexForm technology.

FlexForm Insert

The FlexForm Insert replaces a traditional cushion with a breathable, optimized surface.

  • Designed and built to fit the user’s wheelchair and individual anatomical specifications
  • Replaces traditional cushion with a breathable, optimized surface
  • Protects user’s skin by addressing friction, shear, pressure, and microclimate
  • Patented, interwoven strap design improve microclimate to keep the user cool and dry
  • Strong, durable, and made from high-strength ABS material
  • Easy for the clinician to adjust

FlexForm Integrated

With the FlexForm Integrated, the optimized seat surface is integrated into a custom manual wheelchair, delivering all of the benefits of a custom solution without the bulk of a traditional custom cushion.

  • Eliminates the need to lift a separate cushion in and out of your wheelchair for transport
  • Patented, interwoven strap design improve microclimate to keep the user cool and dry
  • Protects user’s skin by addressing friction, shear, pressure, and microclimate
  • Unique molding mechanism quickly creates a custom-molded shape that the user can take home the same day
  • Easy for the clinician to adjust

User Testimonials: What People Are Saying About FlexForm


“There are a lot of things to like about FlexForm. First is peace of mind, not having to worry about how long I’ve been sitting. The second thing would be how much lighter FlexForm is than other cushions I’ve used. this makes pushing that much easier and my van is not a lift van so pulling the chair in is that much easier. Third would be I don’t have to worry if my pants are getting damp and creating a skin problem because the other cushion I have had did not breathe like FlexForm.”

FlexForm User for 32 Months
T6 Paraplegia ASIA A / DOB 1953 / Manual Wheelchair

“I wouldn’t give up my FlexForm for any other cushion.”

FlexForm User for 65 Months
L2 ASIA C / Manual & Power Wheelchair

The FlexForm should be available to everyone. While my ‘sitting schedule’ may not differ in the number of hours, it certainly differs in my quality of life. I no longer have backaches after a few hours of sitting, nor do I slide down in my chair. My posture is much better. I really appreciate the opportunity to use this cushion.”

FlexForm User for 22 Months
T12 Paraplegia ASIA A / Manual Wheelchair

“Prior to getting my pressure sore, I was very active. During the two years I dealt with the pressure sore, it changed my lifestyle and confidence. I became more of a prisoner to my situation. I was extremely frustrated… Since using the FlexForm, I have been pressure sore free. FlexForm has given me my life back. I’m extremely grateful! I cannot thank you enough for everything that you and your team have done for me and my family!”

FlexForm User for 38 Months
T4 Paraplegia ASIA A / DOB 1974 / Manual Wheelchair

“Before FlexForm, I could not get through my day without standing in my stander for a while to get my rear end a break. I would often stand most of the day at work because it was too painful to sit. This is not the case anymore! I can sit (or stand) as much as I want, not because I am forced to. I can’t emphasize enough just how the FlexForm has revolutionized my day. I have gone from constant pain and worry over sitting issues to actually being able to have normal days every day. What a joy!”

FlexForm User for 55 Months
T5 Paraplegia ASIA A / DOB 1954 / Manual Wheelchair

“I feel that the FlexForm seat has been instrumental in healing my coccyx wound and its customized factor has served me very well. I’ve found it comfortable and a positive factor in helping me make the best of a challenging portion of my life.”

FlexForm User for 38 Months
Paraplegia (Spinal Cord Injury) / Manual Wheelchair

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Manufacturers: Ready to Learn More?

If your wheelchair seating company is interested in licensing FlexForm technology, email Kimberly Sanberg at kimberlys [at] tamarackhti.com for more information or to schedule an in-person demonstration.

For Clinicians: Where to Find FlexForm

FlexForm is available through FlexForm-certified providers, including Reliable Medical Supply, Handi Medical Supply, and Allina Home in Minnesota; and Complex Rehab Solutions in Florida.

DME Dealers & Seating Specialists in Miami, FL and Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN can contact Tamarack Habilitation Technologies to request a FlexForm Custom Seating System demonstration:
Tamarack Habilitation Technologies
Ask for Mark Payette, ATP, CO