November 2009 - Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc.

The number of people in the United States with diabetes will nearly double from 23.7 million in 2009 to 44.1 million in 2034. During this same time annual costs will almost triple from $113 billion to $336 billion. This is according to a recent study from researchers at the University of Chicago led by Elbert […]

The World Congress on Orthopedic Shoe Technology (known as “IVO 2009“) was held in the Hague, Netherlands, November 12-14. Dennis Janisse, C.Ped, Assistant Professor, Medical College of Wisconsin, and President of National Pedorthic Services, Inc., presented a talk entitled: “Reducing Friction and Shear: both You and Your Patient will Benefit.” The talk reviewed the science […]

Here at Tamarack, we have had many, many inquiries about pet orthotics (i.e, orthopedic bracing for pets) during the past year. This blog entry summarizes helpful information. This white paper, “Cranial Cruciate Ligament Injury in Dogs” provides background on the most common custom brace (or orthosis) which is made to support the dog’s stifle joint […]

Diabetes in India is exploding. The Diabetes Atlas estimates India had 40 million people with diabetes and will have over 70 million by 2025. According to a November 14, 2009, article on the Punjab Newsline Network, India has very few podiatrists, diabetic counselors, and dieticians. Therefore the burden of care will fall on general practitioners […]

If you’re an orthotist, prosthetists, CPO or technician who uses Tamarack Flexure Joints™, visit our website to view, print or save the new Tamarack Flexure Joint Fabrication Guide. The 30 page “how to” guide is great for obtaining tips to improve fabrication results, or as an introduction to thermoplastic fabrication of lower & upper limb […]

  The traditional clinical view has discouraged weight-bearing activity such as walking for people with diabetic peripheral neuropathy. The presumption was that weight-bearing activities increase the risk of foot ulcers among patients with diabetes and insensate feet. This advice forced people with diabetic neuropathy into a big dilemma: you need to exercise to stay healthy, […]

What kinds of socks should people with diabetes wear? There is lots of bad advice about diabetic socks on the worldwide web. However, you don’t expect that bad advice to come from the United States Center for Disease Control (CDC). The CDC makes this recommendation to people with diabetes: “When you exercise, wear cotton socks […]

An article I recently read in Lower Extremity Review, entitled Diabetes: Improving foot care compliance1 discusses the challenge practitioners’ face in keeping foot care top-of-mind with their patients. The Total Contact Cast (TCC) is the “gold standard” for healing diabetic foot ulcers.  However, very few practitioners prescribe them.  Moreover, patients are resistant to using the […]

    November is American Diabetes Month®. Diabetes leads to life-threatening complications such as heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, blindness, and amputation. According to the American Diabetes Association, more than one-quarter of the American population is affected by diabetes: •24 million children and adults in the United States live with diabetes; and •57 million Americans […]

In September 2009, Tamarack™ Habilitation Technologies finished the first phase of its “Fabrication Guide Series”, designed to assist orthotists, prosthetists & pedorthists with fabricating custom orthoses using Tamarack Flexure Joints™. We’ve compiled frequently asked questions, fabrication pictures and application instructions from nearly 15 years of Flexure Joint™ sales to develop this helpful “How To” guide. […]