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Here at Tamarack, we have had many, many inquiries about pet orthotics (i.e, orthopedic bracing for pets) during the past year. This blog entry summarizes helpful information. This white paper, “Cranial Cruciate Ligament Injury in Dogs” provides background on the most common custom brace (or orthosis) which is made to support the dog’s stifle joint (knee joint). The stifle brace is typically created because of damage to the cranial cruciate ligament (dog’s equivalent of the anterior cruciate ligament).

We have frequently had requests for information on companies that fabricate custom braces. We list them in reverse alphabetical order just to be fair. (We put an earlier list up in alphabetical order.)

There are certainly other providers of custom braces or orthoses for dogs and other pets than those listed in this post. We would be glad to list them whether they use Tamarack joints or not.

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One thought on “A Dog Brace: a Possible Orthopedic Solution

  1. Alison

    I noticed that the brace I used after my tog tore her ACL hasn’t been included in your list! We were pleasantly surprised with the quality and the support it provided for our dog – while still allowing her to maintain mobility. It’s the Ortocanis dog knee brace -http://www.ortocanis.com/en/technical-helps-for-dogs/90-knee-brace.html worked wonders for us!


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