September 2010 - Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc.

According to a recent article, a Danbury, CT medical center will open its doors next week with a paperless medical records system in place. The Imed Center of Danbury will utilize an electronic, USB drive program to review and update patient records. Patients of the clinic will be provided a credit card-sized USB drive […]

With the American Orthotic & Prosthetic Association’s National Meeting upon us, we’d like to take a moment to provide a few tips on how to get the most value out of the time and money you spend traveling to and attending trade shows. Tips for Maximizing Your Return on Trade Show Attendance Spend some time […]

John Vonhof’s latest Fixing Your Feet Blog post highlights a few excruciating foot problems that medical aid, Tonya Olson, ran into while caring for runners at the 2010 Pine to Palm 100 Mile Endurance Run. As if running 100 miles isn’t enough of a physical and emotional challenge, participants faced 30 hours of continuous rain, […]

Interested in learning how to articulate a solid ankle foot orthosis using the Tamarack® Hand Molding Tool (Model T-740-1)? [youtube=] While many orthotists will pre-fabricate their solid ankle orthoses with Tamarack® Molding Dummies – regardless of whether or not the patient has immediate need for an articulating brace, for one reason or another, sometimes the […]

The latest issue of our Tamarack Designer newsletter is now available. Issue #5 is packed with great information about Tamarack® products and O&P industry news. Read about the instructional courses presented at the 2010 ISPO World Congress, new Tamarack® Product Guides, veterinary orthotic & prosthetic solutions, and more! Click to read the Tamarack Designer: Issue […]

Looking for a wilderness medicine class and don’t know where to start? Wilderness Medicine Outfitters offers a variety of classroom, field and distance learning courses in wilderness medicine, first responder and instructor-level training. In addition to wilderness medicine courses, the Wilderness Medicine Outfitters website includes an online store packed with an assortment of hard-to-find over […]

Congratulations to Hanger Orthopedic Group and its team of dedicated employees on the completion of the company’s new corporate headquarters in Austin, Texas. Visit for more information about Hanger’s new facility.

Tonight the staff at Tamarack Habilitation Technologies will celebrate the company’s 20th year in business with family, friends, customers and local vendors. 20 years ago, in October 1990, Tamarack opened its doors on Energy Park Drive in St. Paul, MN. Originally a full service orthotic, prosthetic & wheelchair seating patient care facility, the company moved […]

The September 2010 issue of Podiatry Management Magazine features an article by David Yeager, DPM and Hyim Baronofsky, DPM, titled: Evaluation and Surgical Management of Flexible Pediatric Flatfoot. Although directed at the podiatric practitioner, the article includes valuable information about both the diagnosis and treatment of flexible pediatric flatfoot that every physician and parent will […]

While the vast majority of children, adults and athletes alike are naturally inclined to select their shoes based on what’s new & popular in magazines and television commercials, the truth behind walking, running and cross-training shoes is that there’s more to shoes than just color, size and name brand. From the outsole to the insole, […]