How to Articulate a Solid Ankle Foot Orthosis - Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc.

Interested in learning how to articulate a solid ankle foot orthosis using the Tamarack® Hand Molding Tool (Model T-740-1)?


While many orthotists will pre-fabricate their solid ankle orthoses with Tamarack® Molding Dummies – regardless of whether or not the patient has immediate need for an articulating brace, for one reason or another, sometimes the joint cavities are not pre-fabricated. Why spend time and money pulling a new orthosis when you can accurately mold cavities for free motion or dorsiflexion assist Tamarack Joints– time after time? Give the Tamarack® Hand Molding Tool a chance to save you time and money!

The Tamarack® Hand Molding Tool creates a quick and precise cavity when a heat gun, torch or plastic welder is used to heat the area where the cavity will be created for installation of Tamarack Flexure Joints®. It’s available from O&P suppliers worldwide.

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