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Animal orthotics & prosthetics – no kidding!

Yesterday I had the honor of meeting the latest addition to a friend’s family – Dusty, a 3 year old golden retriever. This isn’t an ordinary dog. Granted she’s adorable, fluffy and will eat anything in sight. But her most distinctive feature is the ability to walk, run & swim on 3 legs. Dusty is an amputee – a victim of neglect who has found a new family to take care of her. Dusty walks, runs, and swims with amazing speed. She does a great job at keeping pace with her new sister – another golden retriever.

A recent post on the Inside Tamarack Blog about Canine Crucial Ligament (CCL) surgery options drew significant attention from readers. Many pet owners don’t have the financial means to invest in excess of $2,000 for surgery. More affordable, less-invasive options are available! Orthotic & prosthetic limb rehabilitation / replacement devices will ensure your pet stays happy & active, despite illness or injury. Fortunately, Dusty has adapted to her limb loss, giving hope that prosthetic intervention may not be required. For others, animal orthotic care is absolutely the right choice.

Thanks to Russ Hornfisher from Becker Orthopedic for introducing me to Dusty!

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