Abilities Expo Chicago 2016 Summary - Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc.

Abilities.LogosTamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc. just returned from the Abilities Expo Chicago, showcasing the company’s GlideWear Shear Protection product line along with a few other products that aid in foot blister, callus, and ulcer prevention (ENGO Blister Prevention Patches) and sliding board transfers (GlideFree Transfer Board Tape).

Abilities Expo attendees were welcomed by over 100 exhibitors for this three day expo, featuring products and services for amputees, wheelchair users, homecare, and others with advanced mobility needs. The Abilities Expo’s are put on by a handful of hardworking and compassionate individuals, led by co-owner’s Lew Shomer and David Korse, who were both onsite to greet and interact with vendors and attendees.

In addition to Abilities Expo Chicago, the organizers also host a half dozen other events each year, including locations in the Bay Area, Boston, Houston, Los Angeles, New Jersey, and Washington DC.

In addition to vendor booths, Abilities Expo Chicago 2016 featured events and demonstrations on wheelchair dancing, therapy horses, service dogs, adaptive art & gaming, rugby, soccer, and much more.

Abilities Expo Chicago 2016A few product innovations that stood out in the exhibit hall for their innovative, clinically appropriate designs and crowd appeal included a unique line of tilt-in-space manual wheelchairs by PDG Mobility, RoWheels‘ innovative “rowing” wheel design for manual wheelchairs and GlideWear shear protection cushion covers, socks, and undershorts for skin protection and bedsore prevention.

It was truly a pleasure being a part of this great event, having the opportunity to meet hundreds of unique and amazing individuals who could all benefit from Tamarack’s pressure ulcer prevention products.


Be sure to look for Tamarack at future Abilities Expo locations, including LA and New Jersey in 2017, to receive exclusive discounts on new product offerings.

For more information about upcoming Abilities Expo events, visit www.AbilitiesExpo.com.

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