Advancements in Animal Orthotic and Prosthetic Rehabilitation Prove that You CAN Teach an Old Dog New Tricks! - Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc.

For about a year, we’ve featured articles about advancements in the specialized field of animal orthotics & prosthetics. But can a dog really adapt to a brace or prosthetic limb? Won’t he or she chew it off? These are common questions that pet owners may have after being presented with the decision to either put their dog through an expensive and challenging surgical procedure, or to consider alternative options.

You’d be surprised to know how effective these devices are at restoring limb function in lieu of or in conjunction with, orthopedic surgery. While many young animals are prime candidates for surgery to restore limb function following injury, such as a torn cranial cruciate ligament (CCL), others are not. This is particularly the case with older pets or those with other complications, such as cancer. These are the exact challenges that make it worthwhile for pet owners to consider alternative options, such as custom orthotic bracing, to bring a beloved pet back to health.

OrthoPets Center for Veterinary Orthotics & Prosthetics of Denver, Colorado, focuses exclusively on providing custom orthotic & prosthetic solutions for animals. Founded by Amy and Martin Kaufmann, OrthoPets has adapted the science and technology behind human orthotics and prosthetics to our four-legged pets.

Watch & listen to this new OrthoPets customer video to discover the healing power of animal orthotic & prosthetic devices for yourself. (click video to view)

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For more information about animal orthotic and prosthetic devices, visit, featuring a list of animal orthotic & prosthetic facilities, technical documents and more.

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