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We occasionally receive feedback from customers about our products, and always welcome any concerns, suggestions or success stories. This testimonial comes from a couple of satisfied ENGO Blister Prevention Patch customers across the pond in the U.K.

“We are regular long distance walkers and walk on average around 1500 miles each year. We have both been plagued by blisters in the past despite wearing comfortable well fitting boots. Any walk in excess of 15-20 miles usually resulted in blisters, either on the heel, ball of the foot or base of the toes.

None of the traditional cures/remedies have ever worked for us, so in desperation we looked on the internet for a solution and found your website. Your theory that if you reduce the friction you eliminate the blisters seemed reasonable. So, based on the assumption that prevention is better than cure, we purchased a trial pack of blister patches and have been absolutely delighted with the results.

No more blisters at all, however many miles we walk or however bad the terrain. They are fantastic and really do work. They stick well and the first ones we used have now lasted over 300 miles and still show no real signs of wear. Now we never leave home without them and would highly recommend them to other walkers and hikers. We are looking forward to a blister-free completion of the Pennine Way this summer.”

Thank you, Tony & Lin, for sharing your ENGO Blister Prevention Patch story with us!

If you’ve tried our ENGO Blister Prevention Patches and have questions, concerns or a testimonial that you’re willing to share, please add a comment to this post or email us. We’re delighted by all of the positive support we receive from our first and long-time customers and appreciate your business!

Are you ready to become blister-free? Order a pack of ENGO Blister Prevention Patches to discover what athletic, dress and casual footwear feel like without the discomfort of blisters.

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