Article in O&P Edge on Solution for Pediatric Symes Amputee - Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc.

I urge you to read the May, 2009, edition of the O & P Edge. There’s an excellent article “A Dynamic Solution for the Pediatric Symes Amputee” by Daniel Record, CP, LP, RN. The article discusses how Mr. Record and Charles Kinne, CO, fabricated an “articulated Symes ankle prosthosis” (ASAP) for Taylor Mcleod, a twenty-month-old child. Record and Kinne used Tamarack Dorsiflexion Assist Flexure Joints in a new and creative way. They reversed the joints. As Record states, “reversing the joints provided amazing results. It gave enough resistance to allow for full support of Taylor’s weight and produced a smooth and effortless rollover. Within two weeks of wearing the ASAP, Taylor went from constantly falling to walking independently.” Taylor is now “able to climb and walk just as any boy his age would.”

Posted by John Lampe, President of Tamarack Habilitation Technologies

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