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If you’re an orthotist, pedorthist or podiatrist who treats a lot of diabetic feet, check out the story, Treating the Diabetic Foot, in the November 2010 issue of The O&P Edge.

Among the things to consider when treating people with diabetes, the article mentions the need for better communication between healthcare providers and improved level of patient understanding about the importance of foot care.

Ryan Robinson, CPed, director of operations and co-founder of Walking Mobility Clinics, Ajax, Ontario Canada states, “…people with diabetes often don’t recognize the importance of taking care of their feet. […] The diabetic foot is at risk, and we can avoid the potential pitfalls if we lead those with diabetes down the road to proper foot choices.”

The article proceeds to discuss some of the latest solutions in diabetic foot care, including the use of silver, copper and bamboo in socks, hosiery and orthotic material as well as ShearBan® to offload friction and shear forces to decrease the risk of ulceration.

Continue reading: Treating the Diabetic Foot, by Susan Glairon. The O&P Edge. Nov. 2010

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