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Need a hot topic for a scintillating dinner table conversation for this evening? Or, have you have finished watching the paint dry and you are looking for something else to do? Your friends at Tamarack have come to the rescue with our all-new Tamarack L-Code List! Whoa, you say . . . Where can I […]

We are engaged in some exciting projects here at Tamarack involving ways to use ShearBan® to prevent and treat diabetic foot ulcers. We have received numerous reports over the years about the effectiveness of ShearBan® in preventing and treating diabetic foot ulcers. Now we are seeking evidence-based research. First, we have been working with the […]

Our post on May 8, 2009, discusses using Tamarack™ Dorsiflexion Assist Flexure Joints in a prosthosis for a person with a Symes amputation. Another prosthosis using Tamarack™ Dorsiflexion Assist Flexure Joints is discussed in a recent article that appeared in the February, 2008, issue of the Academy Today. The article is titled “Partial Foot Device […]

I urge you to read the May, 2009, edition of the O & P Edge. There’s an excellent article “A Dynamic Solution for the Pediatric Symes Amputee” by Daniel Record, CP, LP, RN. The article discusses how Mr. Record and Charles Kinne, CO, fabricated an “articulated Symes ankle prosthosis” (ASAP) for Taylor Mcleod, a twenty-month-old […]