Blister Prevention Showdown - Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc.

Runners Gear Review, a website that touts “running gear reviews by runners, for runners”, recently reviewed our ENGO® blister relief product in a competitive comparison that they coined the “Blister Prevention Showdown”.

A combination of factors, including price, sweat resistance, ability to help heal existing blisters and duration of effectiveness, led Runners Gear Review to give ENGO® patches the victory. Whereas most blister care products apply directly to the skin, providing short-term relief from rubbing & blisters, ENGO patches secure directly to the shoe, creating a low-friction barrier, which eliminates rubbing and irritation at the source.

Read the Runners Gear Review’s Blister Prevention Showdown at

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Special thanks to the staff at Runners Gear Review for their thoughtful and creative product review. Check out for reviews about running footwear, socks and accessories.

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