Canine Articulating Prosthetic Limb Success Story - Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc.

Earlier this week we received a heart-warming story about a German shepherd named Gretchen who received a new articulating prosthesis from OrthoPets of Denver, Colorado. Thanks to the staff at OrthoPets, and a set of new Tamarack Flexure Joint Caps™, Gretchen’s prosthesis provided her the opportunity to resume her active lifestyle.

Here’s a video clip of Gretchen with her new prosthesis:


Unlike standard prosthetic legs for pets, the custom articulating prosthesis designed for Gretchen allows her to walk, run and play with a more natural gait. The prosthesis in the video above will soon be replaced with a stage 2 OrthoPets custom prosthesis, which will be her final device.

Stay tuned for a detailed case study about Gretchen’s custom prosthesis!

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