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On June 2, 2009 we posted an article entitled “Dog Brace for Injured Stifle” that has since received a lot of attention from pet owners interested in finding cost-effective care for their k-9.

Here are a few sources for anyone looking for information and/or someone to help their pooch:

Handicapped Pets – Amherst, New Hampshire USA:

K-9 Orthotics – Beaver Bank, Nova Scotia Canada:

OrthoPets – Denver, Colorado USA:

After discovering that our Tamarack Flexure Joints were being used not only for human patients, but K-9’s and other animals as well, we decided to do our homework and share this information with fellow pet-owners. We’re sure there are more pet orthotic & prosthetic clinics around the USA and abroad, but the companies mentioned above appear to be the largest. Cost-effective, high quality orthotic & prosthetic devices are available to help restore a pet’s mobility.

We’d like to hear from pet owners who have found success with orthotic or prosthetic care for their pet. If you have a story to share, we’ll feature it on Inside Tamarack. Pictures are appreciated too.

3 Comments on “Dog Gone Crazy Pet Orthotics!

  1. Aurora Sinclair

    My dog Tara fell and injured her achilles tendon. After her accident, Tara was in pain and unable to walk normally; her hock (ankle) had dropped completely to the ground and the injury was placing too much pressure on her other back leg which had a cruciate ligament rupture last year. She now wears an Orthopets non-articulated hock brace. I would recommend Orthopets to anyone whose dog has a leg injury that cannot be treated conservatively or surgically. With her leg brace on, Tara can go for walks and she has even tried to chase a cat or two (although she still doesn’t catch them!) The brace is custom fabricated to fit her leg so it is comfortable and she doesn’t chew it. Orthopets have restored Tara’s mobility after a devestating injury.

  2. johnlampe


    It is so good to hear that your dog Tara is doing so well and that OrthoPets was able to help you out. We hope you can take long walks and Tara can chase cats (and not catch them) for years to come.


  3. CAS

    Good morning,

    In November our 5 year old Austrialian Shepherd fell/jumped from a third story window severely injuring both front legs. She shattered her left ankle and sustained ligament and tendon damage; her right ankle was severely broken with tendon and ligament damage.

    K-State performed arthrodesis on her left leg and repaired the tendon/ligament damager – because of the location on her leg, they were unable to completely close the area and the plate, bone and tendons were visible. They pinned her right ankle and repaired her tendon and ligaments and closed the area. In January they found she had a bone infection and by March all hardware had to be removed.

    The arthrodesis procedure on the left ankle completey failed. I ordered a brace for the right leg which is being used to slowly exercise and rebuild up her muscle. Our dilemna – amputating the left leg will put too much pressure on the right leg which is not a 100 percent and still appears to be unstable. For the first time since the surgery the left leg does not have an open wound. They don’t beleive her left carpus will arthrodese and at some point we will have to decide what to do next. We need to come up with an orthotic solution that she will likely need to wear long term.

    I’ve been on several websites and with the investment we have made so far want to be sure we are not wasting any more time or money, and not putting her through something that cannot improve the quality of her life. Is there any assistance, referral or guideance you can provide us. Thank you.


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