ENGO Blister Patch Field Test Review - Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc.

We just learned of another great review of Tamarack’s foot blister prevention & relief product, ENGO® Blister Prevention Patches, and wanted to share it with our Blog readers.

Here’s an excerpt from the product review:

“It’s a simple idea but really does seem to work. I was able to wear my favourite sandals again and the [ENGO®] patches I applied about two months ago are still in place and working despite my wearing the sandals frequently – even in rain.”

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A UK-based outdoor product review website, the team at www.go4awalk.com, mentions that “the most important ‘qualification’ we all share is an absolute passion for the outdoors.” We surely appreciate the opportunity to have our blister care product reviewed by this team of outdoor gear experts and extend our thanks to everyone at go4awalk.com for the review.

For purchasing inquiries in the USA, Canada and Australia, visit www.GoENGO.com

For purchasing inquiries in the UK and surrounding area, visit www.GoENGO.co.uk

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