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Here’s a new review of our ENGO Blister Patch product that I’d like to share with you.

Sophie Easterbrook writes a blog called The Longest Dog Walk in Britain (JOGLE). The blog details her June 2009 backpacking trip that led Sophie and her dog over 1200 miles in about 3 moths. Very impressive!

ENGO Patches (blister prevention)
“These were great! I put one behind my heel on each boot to prevent blisters and I had no problems – until I took one off without realising I didn’t have a replacement with me. I tried using a square of gaffer tape instead but it just didn’t do the job the same. I immediately had blood blisters developing on my heel. As soon as a new ENGO patch was put in the boot the problem was solved. These are great – they say they will last up to 300 miles but the ones in my boots lasted 500 which I think is pretty impressive – especially as my boots were soaking wet for a large part of the time (ENGO patches stick to the inside of your boots and prevent friction).” – Sophie Easterbrook, Wales, Great Britain (March 17, 2010)

ENGO Blister Patches provide multi-week rubbing & blister relief. The thin, low-friction patches apply directly to footwear or equipment – not on your skin. If you’re interested in trying ENGO Blister Patches for yourself, check out www.GoENGO.com (USA) or www.GoENGO.co.uk (UK) for product information, pricing and purchasing options.

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