Experts Question the Effectiveness of Over-the-Counter Foot Orthotics - Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc.

A new article in the Chicago Tribune questions the long-term effectiveness and benefit of over-the-counter foot orthotics. When Dr. Scholl’s recently released their Custom Fit Orthotic Center in big box retail and pharmacy chains across the U.S., foot care professionals took notice of the danger lurking in Scholl’s promotional program. While over-the-counter foot orthotics generally offer a better product than most standard insoles included with new footwear, they cannot account for natural biomechanical deficiencies like a qualified medical professional can. What feels comfortable at first may merely be covering up a larger issue with a person’s back or their knees.

As a general rule of thumb, contact a qualified medical professional if you experience any sudden or prolonged discomfort or pain in your back, knees, ankles or feet.

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(Article by Danielle Braff, Chicago Tribune March 30, 2011)

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