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Today I want to share a great foot care resource with you!

Fixing Your Feet (4th Edition) by John Vonhof is a must read for anyone that works on feet – either as a healthcare professional or for personal care. Fixing your Feet covers all aspects of prevention and treatment techniques and products for anyone who pushes their feet to the limits.


Fixing Your Feet: Prevention and Treatment for Athletes. Vonhof, John. Wilderness Press. 4th Edition. July 2006.


With over 30 years experience hitting the pavement and trails as a runner and hiker, Vonhof surely knows a thing or two about cleaning & taping feet, patching foot blisters and treating foot and ankle conditions. Unlike many of the resources for wound care available today, John Vonhof wrote Fixing Your Feet with first-hand knowledge of the types of tricks and products that work, and the ones that don’t. Each chapter of Fixing Your Feet concludes with a list of products to buy, along with contact information to eliminate the guesswork.


I highly recommend picking up this book from your favorite bookstore. You won’t be disappointed by the level of experience John has offered through Fixing Your Feet.


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