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We’d like to share a testimonial from a customer who purchased our new Blister Relief Kit and ENGO® Back-of-Heel Patches earlier this year.

“So far I am pleased with ENGO Blister Patches. I am using 1 pair in hiking boots that were causing blisters no matter how many different sock combination tried. Now with the Blister Relief Patches, no blisters. I also placed a pair in a new pair of trail running shoes, just in case.  I am so impressed that I plan on ordering more in the future to keep on hand. Since I have developed no blisters, I have not needed the Blister Relief Kit, but I consider it to be like an insurance policy. I carry it in my backpack for the “just in case” episodes. Great product, Thank you.”

Blisters are arguably the #1 sports injury in the world, and yet they CAN be prevented with the right precautions. As any marathon runner or football player will contest, their feet begin to swell and sweat during activity. Blister prevention starts with good-fitting footwear and quality sports socks. This increased heat, moisture and friction wreaks havoc on the soft tissue of athlete’s feet – causing hot spots and blisters.

ENGO® Blister Prevention Patches virtually eliminate rubbing caused by repetitive friction & shear forces between the shoe, sock and skin – when applied wherever rubbing causes hot spots, blisters, and calluses. Unlike traditional blister care products, ENGO Patches apply directly to footwear – providing long-lasting protection that doesn’t affect shoe fit or athletic performance.

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