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Last summer Tamarack Habilitation Technologies introduced its latest addition to the “friction management” category – GlideFree Transfer Board Strips. While consulting with rehabilitation professionals and wheelchair users on another product line, we learned that wheelchair users who use transfer boards sometimes have a hard time sliding across the board; especially when doing bare skin and wet transfers such as the case in a shower.

Similarly, a caregiver assisting can also have trouble getting the individual to slide from one end to the other. The primary problem is difficult sliding – accomplishing the transfer. A secondary problem is that the friction forces acting against the caregiver & user while sliding can also traumatize the skin and underlying soft tissues. Plastic, composite and wood transfer boards can be improved by incorporating GlideFree strips to make it easier to slide across (independently or when assisted) and to help protect the skin integrity of users.

By applying a series of thin, low-friction GlideFree Strips across a transfer board, the user can more easily transfer from one seating surface to another. Shear forces against the skin are reduced, resulting in increasing the margin of safety to the skin and underlying soft tissues. This is especially noticeable during wet, bare skin transfers from a shower/tub to chair because the friction coefficient (degree of friction relative to two materials/ surfaces) increases with most material combinations when moisture is present. The material GlideFree Strips are made from is a rare exception – the friction coefficient when dry is very low – and it remains very low when moisture is introduced.

GlideFree Strips are Now Available Online!

Shop online at to order GlideFree Strips for $20 per kit.

Each kit contains five, 1″ x 34″ GlideFree Strips – the recommended number for most transfer boards.

GlideFree strips can be cut to any length and easily applies around hand cut outs and curves.

For more information, visit Tamarack’s Website at

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