Golf and Blisters on Your Hands or Feet – Technique for Applying ENGO® to Glove for Prevention and Treatment - Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc.

Users of ENGO® most commonly apply the blister prevention patches to footwear. If your golf shoes are causing blisters, ENGO® will certainly work wonders.

However, ENGO® also can be applied to other things to prevent blisters. Many golfers develop blisters on their hands even though they wear gloves. ENGO® can be used in such a situation. The best trick is to apply the ENGO® patch to the inside of the glove so that the ENGO® protective surface faces the sensitive part of the hand.

To apply ENGO® to the inside of a glove, turn the glove inside out. Make sure the surface is clean as possible. Apply ENGO® to that part of the glove opposite the sensitive part of the hand.

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