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Occasionally, we receive a call asking about whether or not we recommend installing the Clevisphere Joint (Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc.) backwards to create a rear-entry style ankle-foot orthosis (AFO), designed to allow adjustable dorsiflexion control.

Due to the stress translated to the material during high activity – and risk of fatigue cracks near the joint cavity – we don’t endorse this application; however, numerous clinicians have found this design to be quite successful clinically without any shortcomings.

Jason Schott, CPO with Advanced Prosthetic & Orthotic Designs (APOD) recently shared his experience using Clevisphere Joints as anterior stops in a rear-entry AFO.

“It has generated a lot of interest in my local community,” reports Jason. “In the office, we refer to it as ‘The Schott AFO’. It has been the most successful approach in my 13-years of practice to address ankle and forefoot problems that limit ROM into dorsiflexion without pain. The brace allows for full plantar ROM, but limits the painful ROM. It remains in the shoe and is easy to don because the trim lines are all anterior.”

“Further, the brace allows for us to incrementally increase dorsiflexion ROM on follow-up visits as the patient’s hind-foot begins to stretch out in subtalar neutral. Most importantly, we are treating conditions that previously required a solid ankle brace. I’ve never had one break. We have used the joints with laminated full-height designs with great success for ground reaction applications. I love the self-aligning feature of the Clevisphere™ Joint and am able to be flexible with the placement of the joints due to their self-aligning properties. I use this on hikers and many active people and the pain relief is instant”, remarks Jason.

Tamarack Habilitation Technologies always recommends that practitioners and technicians avoid trimming more material from the joint cavity than necessary to maximize (joint) coverage; ensuring lasting device and component durability and performance. Additional fabrication and adjustment tips & techniques are highlighted in the Clevisphere Joint Product Guide, available online and in-print (upon request)

If you have experience using the Clevisphere Joint in this or another “creative” application, let us know.

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