Happy Feet! - 36 Pages of Foot Care Tips, Techniques & Recommendations - Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc.

Whether you rely on your feet for fitness or sport, for your job or wandering around the world, check out the Happy Feet! Foot Care Advice for Walkers and Travelers Booklet.

Happy Feet! features 36 pages of foot care tips, techniques and product recommendations – straight from seasoned ultrarunner, marathoner, backpacker and race-day medical staff trainer, John Vonhof. Unlike many foot care resources you might find on the internet, John has relied on over 14 years of research, practical field experience and feedback from hundreds of world-class athletes to develop the foot care techniques and recommendations that he references in Happy Feet!

From tips and recommendations on buying appropriate footwear & socks to lacing tips, toenail care, skin care, blister prevention/treatment, foot & ankle care and much more… Happy Feet! is a great resource for athletes and non-athletes alike.

Happy Feet! Foot Care Advice for Walkers and Travelers can be ordered for just $5 with free shipping in the U.S.A.   Order Your Copy Today at GoENGO.com

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