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The latest issue of O&P Business News features an article by Thomas Karolewski, CP, FAAOP, titled: A History of O&P Education. If you’re a practitioner, technician, fitter or student in the O&P industry, take a look at Mr. Karolewski’s viewpoint and historical overview related to advancements in orthotic and prosthetic education.

A look at the history of O&P education reveals an interesting mix of classroom requirements:

  • Functional anatomy (144 hours)
  • Sketching and plan reading, pattern making, principles of alignment (36 hours)
  • Welding (36 hours)
  • Heat treating and forging (36 hours)
  • Elementary mechanics and mathematics (36 hours)
  • Applied or business psychology (36) hours)
  • Elements of bookkeeping (36 hours)
  • Plastics (18 hours)
  • Leather and textiles (18 hours)
  • Professional relations (18 hours)
  • Public speaking (36 hours)
  • Gait and posture training (18 hours)
  • Techniques of physical therapy and rehabilitation (18 hours)
  • Tool care and usage (18 hours)
  • Business English (36 hours)
  • Sketching and drawing (18 hours)
  • Business economics (18 hours)

For more information about the history of the orthotics and prosthetics profession, visit the AOPA website.

A masters-level practitioner program appears to be on the horizon for the O&P industry; aligning the classroom qualifications of O&P practitioners with other healthcare professions. We welcome your opinions on the subject.

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